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Pathways to Community Wellness

An education and recovery support wellness program for the whole family.

HOPE Sheds Light has developed a customized wellness program that offers a confidential and reliable resource for the community in response to the growing number of individuals impacted by the addiction & overdose epidemic. The program serves as a new, confidential service to support you and your family. Every Pathways to Community Wellness member will have access to a private, confidential and secure account to log into for reliable information sourced by HOPE Sheds Light professionals.

Pathways to Community Wellness is designed in phases and starts by introducing educational information on the disease of addiction. As you travel through the phases, the program builds to include opportunities to interact with a trained online support coach, providing you a chance to ask for assistance with personal questions specific to you and your family. You will also have access to local recovery support services, as well as the option of in-person, one-on-one recovery coaching and onsite recovery support. Our goal is to lower the stigma related to addiction and offer a recovery-friendly community.

The help you need is just a click away.

This is your confidential resource to help you navigate the journey of addiction and develop a customized wellness plan.

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Pathways to Community Wellness