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Exciting News!

HOPE Sheds Light and RAFTS have merged

Please support HOPE Sheds Light (HSL) in our joint venture with Recovery Advocates for the Shore (RAFTS) as we unite in expanding our recovery services throughout Ocean and Monmouth counties.

Through this collaboration, HSL and RAFTS will create a community where non-judgmental support is standard and multiple pathways to recovery are embraced. HSL will enable RAFTS to grow its capacity in a way that will make those pathways possible. HSL and RAFTS will continue to expand its services to young people and families in recovery by offering programming that will engage adolescents and young parents to effectively end the generational cycle of addiction.



RAFTS Inc. is a non-profit, non-clinical, peer-based recovery community organization providing support and resources to individuals and families impacted by substance use and related disorders. We do this by providing in-house meetings and transitioning to outside meetings, family education, peer recovery coaching, telephone recovery support and sober living assistance. We conduct training programs for peers using the latest evidence-based curriculums and various community events. Through these efforts, RAFTS aims to raise awareness, reduce stigma and promote long term recovery.