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October 11, 2022

Finding HOPE and Shedding Light with Design 446

Design 446 started with HOPE Sheds Light from the very beginning. In 2013, HOPE Sheds Light began as a website run by Design 446. It was Design 446 that was the foundation and backbone of the organization, carrying out the founder’s vision. They took all the passion and drive from our founders and actualized it in an approachable and beautiful online presence. All the growth in the nearly ten years of our history started with the infrastructure provided by Design 446. They are synonymous with HOPE Sheds Light and share in the success HOPE has brought to all they have served.

Design 446’s story is defined not only by years but through impact.  With 60 years of experience, Tom Villane and Ann Marie Baker live by the motto, “pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Their story is one of expertise- constantly changing, improving, and expanding. They build powerful brand experiences that resonate with consumers and propel growth.  This award-winning agency focuses on engaging brands and driving results. Design 446 has 30 designers, writers, programmers, marketing professionals, account managers, and installed working as one team.  They promise to hit your goals on budget with lighting fast turnaround times and unwavering dedication.  Design 446 specializes in, Advertising, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Interior Merchandising, Sales/Leasing Environments, Print Collateral, Custom Videos, Web Design and Development, Social Media, PR/Media Relations, Search Engine Optimization, Installations, Consulting, and much, much more.

Design 446 continues to impact the community through “Impactship,” their internship program that promotes social responsibility among our youth. This exciting program provides high school and college students with a structured internship experience that allows them to build a portfolio relevant to their field of study while helping a local nonprofit organization connect with the world around them.


Article written by: Emily Esposito