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July 19, 2022

HOPE Sheds Light hosts ribbon cutting ceremony at 2510 Apache Road in Manasquan

The new Monmouth County location offers hope and support to families that are impacted by substance use disorder.

Manasquan, NJ – In 2012, three fathers came together to start a nonprofit that provides hope, resources and support to families impacted by addiction. Their goal was simple – remove the stigma and fear surrounding substance use disorder and act as a voice of hope in a community in desperate need of knowing that recovery is possible. Nine years later, that nonprofit has grown into one of New Jersey’s leaders in the recovery community.

HOPE Sheds Light (HSL), a family-focused non-profit organization that offers education, resources, support and hope to anyone impacted by substance use disorder, hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for its new Monmouth County location on July 18th at 2510 Apache Road in Manasquan. The organization also has a location 253 Chestnut Street in Toms River.

“We have a great blend of volunteers, staff, supporters and the recovery community with us and that’s what a recovery center should look like,” said Pamela Capaci, CEO of HSL. “We need to be a part of the community in every aspect and today reflects that.”

A pivotal part of HSL’s journey into Monmouth County occurred in 2021 when it partnered with Recovery Advocates of the Jersey Shore, Inc. (RAFTS).

Similar to HSL, RAFTS Inc. was a non-profit, non-clinical, peer-based recovery community organization providing support and resources to individuals and families impacted by substance use and related disorders.

“We saw the need within our community and too many people were suffering,” said Nicole Federici, Co-founder of RAFTS. “As a mom, I needed to reach out to other people to share my journey with others and encourage them to seek help and how to find good help.”

Federici started RAFTS in 2017 and quickly began working with the county and different agencies throughout Monmouth County to complete its mission.

“It was my full-time job volunteering for RAFTS, and I wanted to expand even further throughout Monmouth County,” said Federici. “The need was great, so we partnered with HOPE Sheds Light, a like-minded agency, and through that merger, we were able to expand our services throughout Monmouth County and acquire this freestanding building. This recovery center will provide all families a place to come to without judgement and just love. That’s what we are all about, loving people into recovery.”

County Commissioner Deputy Director Susan M. Kiley echoed these sentiments. “Recovery has been very close to my heart for the last 10 years,” she said. “We have a crisis in our country… we all know it. We have fentanyl pouring in over the borders and we have it put into pills that look like they are something else and they are not. It is my mission in life to do something about that. We are doing all the great things to help them out of it, but we have to prevent them from getting into it in the first place.”

Kiley concluded the ceremony by presenting HOPE Sheds Light with a Certificate of Recognition and congratulating the organization on its new location. “You have all of our support from the Monmouth County Commissioner’s Office,” she added.

Programming at the new Manasquan location will include classes focused on wellness, nutrition and illness management, self-care, stress management, financial management, literacy education, job and parenting skills. “This new location will allow us to offer peer-to-peer support and receive training, social, educational and recreational opportunities to Monmouth County residents,” said Capaci.

Looking to the future, the nonprofit will host its 9th Annual Celebration of HOPE Walk on Saturday, September 10, 2022 on Hiering Avenue in Seaside Heights. For more information, please visit HOPEShedsLight.org.

About HOPE Sheds Light, Inc.
HOPE Sheds Light, Inc. is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID: 46-3910504) that is supported by friends and families directly affected by substance use disorder and found recovery through continuous love, support and understanding. The mission of HOPE Sheds Light is to raise awareness and educate individuals, families and the community about the impact of substance use disorder by having the courage to share personal experiences and offer strength, wisdom, hope and resources that lead to positive community change and long-term recovery. To learn more, please visit http://www.HOPEShedsLight.org.

HOPE Sheds Light hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at its new Manasquan location on July 18th. Pictured from left: Arvo Prima, Ron Rosetto, Pamela Capaci, Nicole Federici, County Commissioner Deputy Director Susan M. Kiley and Stephen Willis.

HOPE Sheds Light hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at its new Manasquan location on July 18th. Pictured from left: Arvo Prima, Ron Rosetto, Pamela Capaci, Nicole Federici, County Commissioner Deputy Director Susan M. Kiley and Stephen Willis.