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Drug Courts

The mission of the drug court program is to assist defendants in overcoming alcohol and other drug dependencies while resolving related criminal charges. Drug courts involve a highly specialized team process within the existing Superior Court structure that addresses nonviolent drug-related cases. They are unique in the criminal justice environment because they build a close collaborative relationship between criminal justice and drug treatment professionals.

The drug court judge heads a team of court staff, attorneys, probation officers, substance abuse evaluators and treatment professionals who work together to support and monitor a participant’s recovery. The program maintains a critical balance of authority, supervision, support and encouragement.

Drug court programs are rigorous, requiring intensive supervision based on frequent drug testing and court appearances, along with tightly structured regimens of treatment and recovery services. This level of supervision permits the program to support the recovery process, but also allows supervisors to react swiftly to impose appropriate therapeutic sanctions or to reinstate criminal proceedings when participants cannot comply with the program.

Drug court programs are characterized by:

  • Collaborative links among the courts, prosecutors, public defenders, law enforcement, treatment providers, social service agencies and community-based non-profit organizations;
  • A standardized assessment process used to identify eligible non-violent offenders;
  • Staff members trained in substance abuse and recovery issues operating in a non-adversarial atmosphere;
  • A system of graduated sanctions and incentives to encourage recovery goals and hold offenders accountable for non-compliant behaviors;
  • Continuous training and education on a state and national level for drug court professionals;
  • On-going program evaluation and implementation of improvements as warranted.

For more information, contact the Administrative Office of the Courts, Criminal Practice Division, Statewide Coordination, P.O. Box 982, Trenton, New Jersey 08625, or the drug court coordinators in the vicinages.

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New Jersey Re-Entry

Fax: 201.630.4187

Email: intake@njreentry.org

The New Jersey Reentry Corporation seeks to assist court involved citizens in obtaining employment, because employed citizens make communities happier, safer, and better for everyone.

The Mission of the New Jersey Reentry Corporation is to help returning citizens find meaningful and sustainable employment that improves their lives and makes them responsible, integral members of society. Submit a referral today, and begin the work to get yourself a job. All referrals can be submitted via e-mail to intake@njreentry.org or through NJReentry.org/referrals.

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Link: http://www.ojjdp.gov/

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