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September 8, 2022

September Message From Hope

It is always an honor for me to have the opportunity to connect with all of you. As Hope Sheds Light continues to grow, I sometimes miss my first year at Hope when we had one side of the upstairs office and I would hold volunteer meetings and we would all just sit around coming up with ideas on how to serve the community. This past year has been very challenging for me and family. I have been reminded of the cyclical nature of our disease. Addiction is chronic and progressive and can reignite in your life on and off when you least expect it. What I have learned from the loving way all of you share your experiences, strength and hope is that Recovery is chronic and progressive too. If you have a community of recovering friends and you step aside and let God or however you connect with that power greater than yourself step in, Recovery will prevail. This month is National Recovery Month and my message of hope to you for September 2022 is one of gratitude. Remember to be grateful for the gift of another day. Remain open to the journey and be thankful as I am for the people who come into your life, the people of Hope, who are placed there like beacons to shine light on the Way.