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June 8, 2016

Anonymous Story

An “Oldtimer” is a person who gets sober, stays sober and dies sober. Hence, as I am writing, I do not qualify for this. I am however, an oldtimer. I began my journey in a daze of denial and even with 10 years clean and sober, picked up again. If not for the FOUNDER of HopeShedsLight, I know I would not be here today.

I spoke in the jail before I was in the jail. I was blessed with the many gifts of recovery (education, career, children) and gave them all back. WE all know the words, and the WORD of God they came from, but we need only understand one very big thing in order to survive this disease… once surrendered WE are never alone. My story spans nearly four decades and I speak now to help share a TRUTH about the disease. “Every single day, if I am not focused on my recovery, my disease will win.” I have a disease which tells me I don’t. Thanks to Steven Willis for his continued support in my life and my recovery for the past 16 years.