"Ron, Steve saying thank you to you and all those who work with you really understates the work that you do bringing the gift of hope that you have brought and continue to bring to so many families – including mine."

Bob Paschon

"Ron Rosetto may your loss, vision and hard work bring much awareness and a solution to halt this epidemic! Thanks for not staying quiet, but exposing your own suffering to help others! We love you!! To all my FB Friends, please like this page, you may learn something or help in some way!"

“C” wrote on the HOPE Sheds Light Facebook page

"Ron – Congratulations (re: NJ Heroes Nomination), this is a great honor and very much appreciated. Great job and keep up your great, admirable work!"

Carey Tajfel
President of Hotels Unlimited

"Hi Ron, Thank you for all you are doing and for staying positive! Finding solutions to problems instead of dwelling on them is always the way to go! Please feel free to call on me as well. Strength and bonds keeps us moving forward when we need it."

Donna DeStefano
Program Outreach Manager

"I think it’s amazing what you are doing for the community. My name is Dorothie and I am a grateful recovering addict/alcoholic with almost 5 years of sobriety and very active in my AA community. My Aunt is Sheryle Santiago, mother of Erik Santiago, who passed away on Jan. 28th, 2013 from this terrible disease. I just wanted to send a message of thanks for all your organization does for so many and to reach my hand and voice out to you that if you ever needed a speaker, volunteer, etc. for anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Many blessings to you!"

Dorothie Bonfanti

"Never in Doubt. Congratulations Ron, Steve and Arvo. Our State is recognizing what we have known all along. The three of you are certainly HEROES!!!!"

Doug Earle
CFO, Kokes Organization

"Congratulations to HOPE Sheds Light’s Ron and Steve (re: NJ Heroes Nomination). You’re making a huge difference in the midst of an epidemic. As a volunteer EMT, I see and understand, for the first time, what you’re up against. Keep up the good fight. Thank you for all you’ve accomplished and all you continue to do."

Doug Tortorelli
Doug Flanagan Realty & EMT Volunteer

"Ronnie- just left a presentation given by Steve Willis of Hope Sheds Light. David Correll and I wanted your organization to address our church members. His presentation was excellent and I know [he] built interest in HSL [HOPE Sheds Light]. When you talk to him next please thank him for me."

Douglas Earle

"Ron, I’m so proud of you! For 40 years we have shared as brothers our ups and downs, our good times and bad times. You are the epitome of making and taking a life altering event a (parent’s worst nightmare) and making something so good come from it, so that many families can benefit from it. People can say it’s amazing, but I know it’s just YOU Brother."

Harvey N. Karen

"Great news (re: NJ Heroes Nomination). I knew our Foundation picked a winner."

Jay Grunin
The Grunin Foudation

"What fantastic news (re: NJ Heroes Nomination), and certainly well deserved! Thank you both for everything you’re doing on behalf of the community!"

Jim Gillick
Jersey Shore Boyscouts

"A story of HOPE for this addict and hopefully others… I am 27 and have struggled with the disease of addiction for nearly 10 years and mental illness since childhood. I have no idea how I am still alive, but am beyond grateful that I am. I have been in and out of psych hospitals, rehabs, outpatient programs, and then ended up in jail. I have attempted to give up in the past, but was never successful. Today, I am proud to say that I have 198 days clean and my family and friends are very much apart of my life now. It can and does get better, as long as you keep trying!!"

Lauren Ashley Josephsen

"Your mission was borne from tragedy and you courageously stood up and started helping others. You, Steve, Arvo and your team are changing lives for many in need in Ocean County and I’m glad our Foundation is helping too. May God bless you as you continue to do good work for others."

Nina Anaurio

"Ron, your son’s strong spirit is working inside you. Thank you for all you are doing and the support you are receiving. Every step we take will make a difference."

Parent to Parent

"I still remember when Marc worked for me at my office in Lakewood with Sal Palmieri. They were a team! You are doing great things as a tribute to him!"

Phil Brilliant
Environmental Scientist

"Ron, you are an amazing man, God bless you! That is so wonderful what your group is doing. Marc would be so proud xo!"

Vienna Angelo