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February 4, 2021

In memory of my older brother

I am writing this in memory of my older brother, Victor Wisniewski. In 2013, my biggest nightmare came true, my older brother, my hero, my world, had died of an overdose of heroin. Since the loss I have done everything in my power to try and spread the word and educate people on drugs and addiction. My brother was raised in a good home, father a police officer, mother a nurse, and he received a college education from Elon University. Victor was a grade A student, amazing friend, and one of the most intelligent people I ever met. Why do I mention that? To prove drugs can happen to anyone at anytime, Vic became hooked after a pain management doctor prescribed him pain medication. Four years later and so much pain I miss him now more than ever but I know he is at peace without the demon of addiction living inside of him everyday.

– In Memory of Victor Wisniewski