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September 8, 2022

How does two years come so soon?

This month marks another anniversary of my big brothers death.
He became addicted to painkillers following 2 near-death motorcycle accidents that merely left him with an arm full of metal, back pain and a concussion. He almost didn’t make it out from the second accident because the area was deserted and he didn’t have a phone, meanwhile his elbow was detached and piercing out his arm.
When the doctors stopped prescribing opioids 3 months after the first accident, “a friend” knew another solution.
He spent 8 years in and out of jail, rehab, hospitals and bein a hardcore addict to heroin, crack, and xanex. He overdosed over 10 times.
He got clean after his girlfriend of 5 years went missing and was found overdosed in a laundromat. She suffered an anoxic brain injury and has never been able to walk or talk the same again.
He moved, got sober for about two years, worked out, drank green juice, and ate gluten free. He transitioned his addictive personality to his advantage.
He went on to start at a new company as a electrical mechanic and was working for a few months prior to them hiring a new employee who smoked crack on his breaks. Five days after he meet his new coworker-it was over.
He used again, overdosed and passed away.
I tried crack for the first and only time with him the day before he died. I live with that.
Please, please, please, get help.