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December 8, 2022

The Person Who Made The Biggest Impact On My Life

The person who made the most significant impact on my life is my grandfather (pop pop). The man practically raised me. I lost my dad to a heroin overdose, and my mom is in active addiction. Pop spent thousands of dollars on private investigators to collect evidence and information to obtain custody of me because my life was complicated. I acquired his many traits, such as his height, love for cars, and stubbornness. He showed me what it means to be a man, accept and own your mistakes, and always take care of your family. He also showed me the basics, from multiplication to shaving.

Even though pop is not great emotionally, he has done his best to be there for me. He taught me good morals and has been a father figure for the most important times of my life. But to say just pop would be unfair because his wife Nancy was and is his emotional side of him. She has helped me through many confusing times in my life, worked a full-time job, cleaned the house, and cooked every day. Whatever Pop could not help me with, Nancy would; Whether she could or not, she still tried her best. Nancy dedicated her time to ensure I received good grades, which was sometimes annoying, but I realized it was because she wanted me to succeed. Pop is also my inspiration; whether he is aware of it or not, my goal in life is to be as great a man as he is. He has inspired me to receive an education and join the military. I truly appreciate everything they have done.