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HOPE Sheds Light Recovery Center

The HOPE Recovery Center serves as a local hub for recovery support services offering a monthly calendar of workshops, support groups and wellness activities designed for the whole family.

Recovery Programs

Call-in Recovery

Call the HOPE Sheds Light Recovery Center anytime to receive resources and develop your own Individual Recovery Success Plan (IRSP) to sustain long-term recovery. Receive family support in navigating family resources, the treatment system and overall healing for the families affected. Please call 1-855-850-HOPE for support.

About the HOPE Sheds Light Recovery Center:
The HOPE Sheds Light Recovery Center is led and governed by representatives of the local recovery community. HOPE Sheds Light is be a hub for community members to access peer-based recovery support services, community education and outreach programs, academic and vocational training, family strengthening and reunification programs, trauma-informed support services, family support groups, social/recreational outings, wellness workshops and physical activities for the whole family.

To learn more 732-244-0783

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Vision Board Workshop

Join HOPE Sheds Light for our very first vision board workshop. We will work together via ZOOM to create a collage that will be a powerful and helpful tool to transform your dreams into action. We will define our goals, find inspiration, map out our board and bring your vision to life. A fun filled morning to create, enjoy and share with each other our visions for a hopeful inspiring future.

Register here: https://HOPEShedsLight.as.me/Vision-Board

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The Phoenix Yoga

Join HOPE Sheds Light and The Phoenix for an evening of yoga in the comfort of your own home. The Phoenix’s mission is to build a sober active community that fuels resilience and harnesses the transformational power of connection so that together we can rise, recover, and live. Register at https://HOPEShedsLight.as.me/Phoenix-Yoga and please sign a first visit waiver at www.thephoenix.org/first-visit/ and please register at https://thephoenix.org/find-a-class/live-streaming/40235215

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Raising Recovery: Parents in Recovery Support Meeting

The goal of Raising Recovery is to support parents by sharing our lived experiences, so together we can learn new skills to support long term recovery and raising healthy children. The program is designed to offer weekly meetings where parents can share their struggles and successes in managing recovery and parenthood, while being introduced to new topics and skills to help on their journey. Pre-register at https://HOPEShedsLight.as.me/Raising-Recovery

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Project Write Now

Join us on Zoom
Highschool Grades 9-12
4-week course beginning March 10th

HOPE Sheds Light and Project Write Now founded by educator and writer Jennifer Chauhan to bring you creative writing workshops.

Do you love to write? Or are you curious about what creative writing is all about? Then join PWN as we use fun prompts to inspire us and then share our work (only if you choose). Get your thoughts out and down on the page, create a story or poem, or escape into your own imaginative world. Use this dedicated time and space to write, reflect, and reconnect with what really matters to you. No writing experience necessary.
Preregistration is required, please email heather@hopeshedslight.org to register.

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Zen Den

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm (ages 7 – 10) 6 -7pm (ages 11-15)

Join HOPE Sheds Light and Zen Den founders, Michelle Anglisano and Kristen McDermott, for mindful meditations. Michelle and Kristen use a research-based approach to conduct a relaxing and informative workshop which provides meditations and discussions around different topics. Using mindful meditations and discussion, the children/pre-teens will learn to journey through their life with a few new attitudes to help them with daily situations.

Pre-registration is required. Reserve your spot now.
Email Heather at heather@hopeshedslight.org

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Healing Hearts

A grief and bereavement support group for anyone that lost someone to addiction. This is a safe, confidential place to go to know you are not alone and support is available. Pre-register now to secure your spot.

Please contact Pam at pam@hopeshedslight.org to register.

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Youth Yoga

HOPE Sheds Light is partnering with Yoga University NJ to bring you Youth Yoga. Yoga University’s C.O.R.E program was designed to empower students to learn and thrive in a supportive climate. We offer fun and meaningful opportunities to grow, stay motivated, stay healthy, and above all, to feel valued!

Concentrate: Pay attention in the present moment.
Observe: Breathe and move efficiently to improve understanding of body and mind and how to care for them.
Realize: build skills in self-management, communication, coping, and social interaction.
Empower: create the conditions to realize goals and aspirations.

Each week we will gain breath awareness, practice basic yoga postures, play games, learn relaxation techniques, and establish goals to help us stay focused and happy! Yoga University hopes that students of all ages take time every day to concentrate, observe, realize and empower. Set the COREnerstones for your success. You are you, and you are amazing!

Jennifer Scamorza is the founder of Yoga University NJ, a program that is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of schools, organizations, businesses, communities, and families throughout New Jersey. Jennifer’s 15 years of experience in NJ Public Schools include classroom instruction, coaching, curriculum development, and team leadership. She is a certified yoga instructor with 800+ hours of training and has been leading yoga classes and wellness programs since 2009. Jennifer specializes in Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Yoga for Healing and Recovery, Yin Yoga, and Children’s Yoga. She works with students of all ages, life paths, and learning abilities in schools and various outreach communities.

Register at https://HOPEShedsLight.as.me/Youth-Yoga
For more information please email heather@hopeshedslight.org

Children ages 7-12

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Rise with Inspiration

Rise with Inspiration HOPE Buddies is a program designed to spread Hope and Inspiration during the pandemic, winter months and beyond. It is not only meant to strengthen people’s recovery process but also to address the Covid-19 Pandemic’s cause of underlying depression and uncertainty. The program pairs volunteer buddies with assigned buddies who they will contact once a week for the duration of the program. We would like to invite you to participate in having a buddy call you, if you are interested please email heather@hopeshedslight.org with your phone number and watch us live Friday mornings at 9:00am.

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Community Bike Ride

Join HOPE Sheds Light and The Phoenix for a Community Bike Ride! The Phoenix offers a free sober active community to individuals who have suffered from a substance use disorder and those who choose to live a sober life. The only requirement for participation is 48 hours of sobriety. Please register at the following site: https://thephoenix.org/find-a-class/in-person/

Classes are limited to 15 participants, so preregistration is required.
Please arrive 10 – 15 minutes early!
Please bring your own bike, helmet, and mask!

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Finding HOPE All Recovery Support Meeting

Join us on Zoom!

Topic: Growth individually and as a family
Speaker: Pamela Capaci – CEO HOPE Sheds Light

This virtual peer-led support group meeting is open to all individuals and families impacted by substance use disorder. The discussion is facilitated by individuals and family members who have shared lived experiences and a strong recovery base. The groups provide opportunity for connections and to draw strength and hope from each other. We will also introduce topics focused on cultivating a recover capitol within the whole family with group sharing and discussion encouraged. Guest speaker will speak on a topic surrounding education, knowledge and experience at 6:00pm on Facebook. Pre-register at https://hopeshedslight.as.me/Finding-HOPE

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